Monday, February 13, 2012

It's the Year of Virtual Workers!

Just read Chadwick Hagan's article on The Huffington Post telling that 2012 is the year of independent workers: 
The internet has opened up markets that were originally unavailable and now independent contractors can simply join an online marketplace and upload their details. They can be ready to go in a matter of hours. Online marketplaces like oDeskGuru and eLance offer employers the ability to hire employees for a wide range of projects -- from specialized engineering to hourly employment. Managers have the ability to review work before ending the contract and can see screen shots of the employees computer. Employers can easily post job notices on these sites and have qualified contractors submit their information.

I'm inclined to believe that because at the start of 2012, my oDesk employers went from 1 to 3 and that's only in January. And just this week, my new employer gave me a bonus barely 2 weeks after she confirmed my contract under her. 

Here's some of the tweets, I got from fellow VAs and oDesk too!

Congrats Millicent! RT Bonus already from my new  boss?! The Lord just keeps on proving that we can never outgive Him :)

  Congrats Millicent!

Hi  I work in  too! nice to hear that ^^ God bless u!

Becoming a virtual assistant only last 2011, under the mentorship of Philippine Internet guru Jomar Hilario, made me realize that I could work from home by offering the same skills I use at my day job to online employers. No additional skills needed, just the same honest and consistent service one can give when you're working at an office setting. Don't let the technology discourage you either because it's as easy as surfing the internet which I'm pretty sure you know how (otherwise, how did you get to read my blog?). 

Read the article: How to Open an oDesk account

Having an online career has given me a new perspective in life, especially in improving my earning capacity as a solo parent. I can earn extra dollars while being with my son and without having to be an overseas contract worker like so many Filipinos believe they have to become in order to provide better for their families. I hope and pray that more Filipinos, especially parents, would explore this new industry so that they wouldn't have to sacrifice the very important things in their lives just for a couple of dollars.