Thursday, August 23, 2012

Work From Home, More Quality Time

Working while taking care of my huggable, kissable nephew :)

Quitting from my 7-year job as Executive Secretary, I found more time to pursue my passions and thankfully, get more virtual work from oDesk.

In a month, I was able to finish two e-books, launched them into a self-made site and get new clients from oDesk. The pay may not yet be as great as my office-based job but the rewards of freedom, peace and sense of fulfillment are far more gratifying than any amount of money. Plus there's that cutie pie you can watch while you work :)

Start your own career as a virtual assistant or---as some prefer to be called nowadays---virtual contractor! Check out the easy-to-follow tutorials of my internet mentor Jomar Hilario by clicking here.