Monday, February 25, 2013

Google+ Improved my Blog's Google Ranking!

Surfing through the community board on Pinterest from which I belong to, I found this interesting article about how Google+ would be critical to the success of blogs in 2013. Larry Deane in his article "Why Google+ Will Be Critical to Your Blog's Success in 2013", shares that becoming active in Google+ would significantly affect your blog's ranking in Search Engine Results Page or SERP, which as bloggers is one of our important goals, if not the most important, of reaching as many viewers as possible. Deane explains:

"Google also has full access to Google+.  Google+ can store information about social media activity directly into their core data engine  and can use that data to understand what's being talked about, what's being +1ed by people and then factor that data into the search results.  They can also see what you share, what you like, and use that data to customize the search results you see so they are more in line with your needs. 
Google+ is a social media platform, but more importantly a data feed into Google's search and ranking engine.  Google's ability to factor Google+ data into it's SERPs is the key concept you need to pay attention to."
Deane also suggests becoming active in Google Communities where sharing content with Google Plusers with the same interest as you do would amp up your Google rank as well.

So I tried experimenting with my biggest earning blog which is Crochet Philippines and began joining Google+ crochet communities. It even reminded me that I made a Google+ page for my blog about a year ago which I've neglected to update! 

And over the weekend, I got this nice message from the Crochet Lounge Google+ Community:

Not really sure how Sara searched and found my blog because I tried and my blog didn't come out in the page 1 of the SERP but at least she gave me an idea that being active in Google+ is really effective in improving your Google ranking. But I did find my blog by using its top keywords and this was the result:

The top ranking in this search used to be and I finally overtook them! As you can see, my blog's Facebook page is also up there.

So go ahead and open your Google+ account now! Don't forget to add me up in your circles :)